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Visuals that magnify the carnival and amusement park experience.

You bring smiles to your customers’ faces. Your job is to provide an enjoyable, memorable experience for the whole family. Our job is to help you do that with bright colors and eye-catching patterns in the form of ride covers and canvases.

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One of our carnival experts will be there throughout the entire ride, from estimate to project completion. Start by giving us some information on your project, and we’ll get your questions answered.

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Our Products

Turn What if into... WOW

  • Waterloo Tent & Tarp Building

    About Us

    At Waterloo Tent, we turn your ideas into reality. We’re your go-to source for custom, eye-catching tents, canvases, and shade structures.

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  • Employee Sewing

    How We Work

    Everything we do is custom. Your project won’t look like all the others out there—it’ll look like the one-of-a-kind, well-thought-out visual masterpiece it is.

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  • Waterloo Tent Team

    Meet the Team

    All of the amazing projects, dare we call them works of art, are possible because of the experienced, dedicated, creative team at Waterloo.

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