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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is your lead time?

    We usually have a queue anywhere between four and six months out. Check our homepage for a current estimate.

  • Why do projects take so long?

    Everything we do is custom—and in high demand. We work with a lot of clients across the globe and treat every project we do like it’s our own. We’ve heard over and over that the end product is worth the wait. Learn more about how we work, or get in touch to start your project now.

  • How do I order replacement parts?

    If you know what part you need, contact your sales rep. If you’re not sure, check out our most popular replacement parts.

  • Where do you ship to?

    We ship projects throughout the United States, as well as internationally.

  • How much does shipping cost?

    Shipping cost vary greatly based on size, weight, destination, shipping method, and whether or not it’s rush shipping. You can ask your sales rep for an estimate on a specific project.

  • What are the benefits of each fabric you offer?

    Learn all about our different fabrics and colors.

  • What colors can I use in my design?

    Since everything we do is custom, you can use just about any color. View our standard colors.

  • What are your artwork requirements?

    We accept the following file formats:

    • (Adobe Illustrator) .ai
    • (Photoshop)  .psd
    • (Adobe PDF)  .pdf
    • (High Resolution JPEG)  .jpg
    • (High Resolution TIFF)  .tiff

    Vector Files Vector files can be scaled to any size without losing resolution which is ideal for any of our prints. If you have one of these for your artwork please forward on to us. (These are our favorite kind of files to receive.)

    Fonts - All fonts must be included in the file.

    Images - All linked images (EPS, JPG, TIFF, PNG, PSD) must be high resolution. We recommend 300dpi. Anything less may result in poor quality. If JPEG compression is used, please set it to maximum quality. (When lower resolution images are used the print will become blurry the more it is enlarged.)

    Bleeds - When sending images to be digital printed, please allow an inch all the way around the art for our use if we are required to fold over in finishing.

    Colors - All artwork should be submitted in CMYK color mode. If a specific PMS color or color matching to our in-house vinyl is needed, please let us know when you send the file(s).

    Artwork Policy - Up to three artwork changes per proof are complimentary. For more than three changes per proof, an artwork charge of $75 per hour will be applied.

    Recreating or Vectorizing your Artwork – If are unable to send us a good quality logo or image, we are able to convert that file into one we can use. This will be a fee of $45. We will be happy to supply you with the new vector format of your artwork when complete.

    Matching Paint Colors - A lot of our customers ask us about the pantone colors of our vinyl so they can match to paint or other signage. The following is a list of our PMS colors from our vinyl. *Note: These colors are the closest known match for our vinyl material. A color shift may occur between your matched item and the vinyl under different lighting or intensity of sun exposure.

    • Black – 0, 0, 0, 100  
    • Silver – 56, 42, 32, 0  
    • Laker Purple – 83, 78, 0, 8    
    • Plum – 64, 100,0, 0    
    • Berry – 42, 86, 0, 0     
    • Hot Pink – 0, 86, 0, 10
    • Burgundy – 0, 100, 51, 60     
    • Red – 0, 99, 91, 11    
    • Orange – 0, 75, 98, 0   
    • Gold – 0, 57, 100, 0    
    • Yellow – 0, 8, 100, 0     
    • Midnight Blue – 100, 68, 0, 14
    • Dark Blue – 100, 52, 0, 13    
    • Turquoise – 100, 0, 29, 13    
    • Bright Blue – 83, 0, 0, 100     
    • Teal Green – 100, 0, 41, 0     
    • Forest Green – 100, 0, 60, 60 
    • Grass Green – 100, 0, 94, 0      
    • Mint – 62, 0, 100, 0      
    • Ivory – 0, 3, 32, 5    
    • White – 0, 0, 2, 0
  • Do you require a down payment?

    Yes, we require a 50% deposit before any order is put into production.

  • How do I clean vinyl without damaging it?

    Do not use any harsh chemicals or products with degreasing agents. We have a vinyl tent cleaner made specifically for this application. Contact us to order some.

    View more detailed instructions.

  • Do you make tops to fit another manufacturer's frames?

    Yes, with proper frame measurements, we can customize a top to fit competitor frames.

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